What our clients have to say

Woman holding a picture for her kids and a sign that says I file for my kids.


“This service has just been amazing for me. Because I was on disability, I wasn’t sure if I needed to file my taxes. I didn’t know I was missing out on tax credits like the Child Tax Credit. Instead of paying, I was able to get my taxes done for free. Being able to provide a bit more at Christmastime when my kids ask for new shoes or getting that dress for prom, is really amazing. I hope more people reap the benefits from this free tax service”.

Alicia VITA Tax Filer
Woman and her child happy because of the benefits of free tax filing.

“This was not the year I was going to want to pay someone to do it for me…every dollar meant something.”

Fanny VITA Tax Filer
Young man holding sign that says tax credits change lives

“Coming to the United States from Peru was a real challenge. I had very little family or support system here to help me navigate things like housing, employment, or my education, much less filing my taxes. To qualify for financial aid for school, I had to file my taxes for the first time ever. The VITA program helped me through the process completely free of charge. Thanks to this program, I was able to complete my taxes accurately and on time and established my first ever savings with the refund I received.”

Kevin United Way Santa Barbara Staff
Young man holding sign that says I am empowered to get money back in people's pockets.


“I first found out about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program while attending Cal Lutheran University. Years later, after working in private accounting and looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, I reached out to the program and started volunteering. I am now a second year volunteer. Hearing how grateful people are for the program, and how helpful it is especially for those that are in hard spots in their life, is why I come back”.

Emily VITA Tax Preparer

“Once you’re living check by check it’s hard to save — especially when you have three kids and you’re helping out your parents. It all adds up! Having that money there motivates you.”

Ivonne S. Ivonne is a working mother of three and lives in Santa Rosa, CA.
Woman explaining the benefits of free tax filing.

“Having the money for me made me remember what it was to be a breadwinner. A good breadwinner! Bringing back the dignity of having that kind of money that is officially yours. You feel really empowered.”

Betty S. Betty is a mother of two boys living in Alameda, CA.