What our clients have to say

“Once you’re living check by check it’s hard to save — especially when you have three kids and you’re helping out your parents. It all adds up! Having that money there motivates you.”

Ivonne S. Ivonne is a working mother of three and lives in Santa Rosa, CA.
Woman explaining the benefits of free tax filing.

“Having the money for me made me remember what it was to be a breadwinner. A good breadwinner! Bringing back the dignity of having that kind of money that is officially yours. You feel really empowered.”

Betty S. Betty is a mother of two boys living in Alameda, CA.
Young woman posing in front of a tree.

“I use the CalEITC refund to pay some existing bills, pay off some debt, improve parts of my home, buy supplies for the kids. So it’s been really helpful.”

Shanna S. Shanna went from being a free tax prep client to a certified volunteer in Northern California.
Older Asian woman standing in front of yellow banner.

“I’m really impressed with how they organized the VITA tax filing. I think the whole program is helping me to be a better person.”

Sui Y. Sui is a caregiver and grandmother who lives and works in Fremont, CA.
Woman explaining the benefits of free tax filing.

“As a retiree, the fact that I’m not paying a CPA [to file my taxes] really eases the crunch that a fixed income can create.”

Mary M. Mary is a retiree and free tax prep client through San Bernardino County.
Woman and her child happy because of the benefits of free tax filing.

“This was not the year I was going to want to pay someone to do it for me…every dollar meant something.”

Fanny P. Fanny is a single mother and small business owner in Northern California.