Disabling a Pop-Up Blocker

To access some features on MyFreeTaxes.org and other pages, you may need to disable or configure the settings for your pop-up blocker.

We do not recommend permanently turning off your pop-up blocker. This can leave you vulnerable to any number of malicious programs.

We recommend you only disable the blocker temporarily. You can also add a specific site to the “white list” of sites for which your browser will always allow pop-ups.

For instructions on how to disable or configure the pop-up blocker on various browsers, please see the following resources:

Disclaimer: This site is best viewed using the current browser version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you are using an out-of-date browser or a version of Internet Explorer, you may not experience the full effect when viewing the site.

After disabling the pop-up blocker, you can return to the following pages to file taxes for free: