Find a Free Tax Prep Assistance Site

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) tax sites can help filers with income below a certain level file for free. These services are offered by IRS-certified tax professionals who volunteer their time during the busy tax season to help families maximize their tax credits and pay their taxes fairly.

  • Income less than $64,000
  • No rental income (from a property you own)
  • Did not file for bankruptcy last year
  • Had no cancellation of debt outside of non-business credit cards
  • No clergy income
  • If married, are filing jointly
  • If self-employed, no business related expenses over $35,000 or businesses with employees, inventory, business property, net loss, or depreciating assets.
  • No sales of cryptocurrency


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Please Note: If you are unable to find an available appointment in your area, consider using our virtual with help option or self-filing option